Biology Edit

Centaurs are a creature/humanoid hybrid found across many areas of the world. They are humanoid from the head to the waist, however, from the waist down, they possess the body of a 4 legged hoofed animal, varying by region, with horse centaurs being found almost anywhere.

Despite their more animal halves, they stand roughly the same height as a normal man or woman, however, some sub-species grow larger or smaller.

Centaurs have a very modest average lifespan for 250.

Sub-Species By Region Edit

Native Idarian Centaurs usually resemble Deer, with Antlers, large eyes, and small black noses.

Native Cindrellian centaurs have adapted to the frequent heat and usually resemble Zebras or Camels, depending if their tribe is native to the Deserts or Savannah. They often feature wide, flared noses and wide eyes, ocassionally having a Hump to store water in.

Native Salovian Centaurs have become Aquatic, taking after the Kelpies with Fins and Gills.

Centaurs were not originally native to Aishonia however the Salovian Centaurs were infused with Air magic by Risilz during the creation of Aishonia to grant them wings so they could live in the new continent.

Society Edit

Centaur society is tribal, every member of the tribe has a responsibility and the tribe is led by an elder. Because they are very nomadic and wander much of the wilderness they do not feel beholden to local rulers, they are however often on good terms with locals as they bring many goods to trade when they visit towns and cities.

Centaurs are known to be excellent hunters with both Spears and Bows.

Centaurs have a rivalry with Saytyrs about which species was created second, and is therefore superior. Saytyrs believe their stronger magic makes them the better species whereas the Centaurs believe their strength makes them superior.

Architecture Edit

Centaurs tend to live in small, easily relocated tents or carriages made from simple materials found in the wilderness such as wood and leather.

History Edit

Centaurs have a curious history, they were created by the Ancient of Earth at a very similar time to the Saytyrs and history is split on whether the Centaurs were first or the Saytyrs were.

The Ancient of Earth created centaurs to fill both the military and the labor force, after the disappearance of the ancients, Centaurs banded together into different tribes and began to travel the world.