Climate and Geology: Edit

The country of Cindrellia is located largely in the north western hemisphere of Amaranthia, and the continent itself is similar in to the size to North America. The climate throughout Cindrellia is widely varied though a large majority of the land lies in close proximity to the equator making the weather warm almost year round. The climate in most areas is dry and desert like, with the exception of some of the more jungle like belts near the Schiatten border and the middle of the continent. Even in the parts of the continent that get cold (mostly to the northernmost areas), cities within Cindrellia still remain in a high desert like climate (similar to Northern Nevada). There are a few prominent mountain ranges in Cindrellia allowing for some different climates. The capital city of Cindrellia is called Incendia. It is located in a position that is similar to our world’s Florida. It is hot year round due to its proximity to the ocean and the fact the the land is very near sea level. With weather more similar to Arizona or Vegas because of high winds which blow most of the moisture away. During the winter the temperatures in Incendia are close to 70 degrees.

The majority of Cindrellia’s population are Zyrx. The primary Zyrx you will find in Cindrellia are feline, although there are many other types of Zyrx and people in Cindrellia (it is the most highly populated continent in Amaranthia). Cindrellia is a diverse country with many immigrants seeking it’s high education and opportunities. The morals of the kingdom also tend to be looser than many of the other kingdoms in Amaranthia, and the capital city is often equated to a bigger,noisier Fantasy Vegas.

Cities of Note: Edit

Name Location Meaning
1. Incendia W. Cindrellian shore in the middle the "Golden City"
2. Scintilla N. of Incendia "Small Sparks"
3. Pyra S.E. of Incendia "Burning River"
4. Serno S. of Incendia "Southern Fire"
5. Festia S.E of Incendia right above Blazing Gulf "Place of Parties"
6. Gorag On large mountain near Vatria Sea "City by the Mountain"
7. Zavir City by one of Vatria Sea's bays, S. of Gorag "Boiling bay"
8, Afnan E. of Incendia on North western shore of Vatria. "Roaring Flames"
9. Felloso E. Incendia in Scintilla Mountain range. "Mountainous city"
10. Oslavia Located in Cindrellia's central rain forest. "Morning Fire"
11. Rousen Located near the River leading out of Blazing Gulf "Restless city"
12. Fodur Located near Volcano on Equator "Fires Forges"
13. Bolliver Directly south of Equator right on the shore of Blazing Gulf, S.of Festia "The Boiling waters"
14. Vulkmendi Volcano located on S.W shore of Vatria Sea "Volcano's mouth"
15. Branmar Located in Cindrellias S. Rainforest "Charcoal city"
16. Lumerre Located on N. River leading out of Vatria Sea. "Boiling River"
17. Munski Directly N. of Vatria Sea "mountain ash"
18.Sutkull Located on Small E. Cindrellian island. "Land of Ice and Fire"
19.Frylor Cindrellia's N. most city. "Heated frost"
20. Lumikan Located. on N.E mountain range near Vatria Sea. "Volcano by the River"
21. Heiaia Located on the shores of Paresh Bay. "Heated Bay"
22. Malarm Small mountain range on Peninsula "Mountain city"
23.Kalnar Located in E. most Mountain range. "Fire Mountain city"
24. Lumtra S. most tip of E. Cindrellian Peninsula "City in the Far away Desert"
25. Lasdrayo Located on small peninsula N.E "City of passion"
26. Soleny E. of Kalnar, N. of Sutkull island and Paresh Bay "City of little piers"
27. Narlux N.E. Peninsula. Eastern most mainland major city. "Live music capital of Amaranthia"
28. Krata N.E. island city. "spitfire island"
29. Isholv Larger island city E. of Krata "City of Mistakes"
30. Adaraz N.W. Island city on the W. Shore of the Lumiae Strait. "City of Glitz"

Life in Cindrellia: Edit

The people of Cindrellia are highly educated (for the most part), interested in liberal activities, and having a very open mindset. The kingdom of Cindrellia applies lots of futuristic and technologically advanced aspects into its culture and everyday life. They have things akin to cellphones, an internet, and other modern comforts of our world, but the technology goes even further. Cindrellia is a happy blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and is a very futuristic place. Many of the working class study the world's Magic and how it ties to the afterlife. They are also engineers and entrepreneurs which is a large reason Cindrellia’s cities have become so technologically advanced. There are also many blacksmiths, and other weapons smiths in Cindrellia.

The people are fun loving and happy and sustain themselves off tourism and the general desire for them to be naughty. Cindrellia allows the festering of a morally gray, and largely ambiguous population. They also have a thriving and populous nightlife. During the century long war with Schiatten, Cindrellia was actually the first to fall over to The Lord Serpentine’s rule as the kingdom’s rulers are related. It is speculated that the queen of Fire, Kera Moondust, was placed under some form of mind control during the switch in power. Losing the forces of the Cindrellia army against Schiatten in the war was a truly painful and early loss for the world overall. Others speculate her moral grayness and ambiguity made her complacent in his take over and unwilling to fight back. Cindrellia, during the years of Serpentines reign, remained much the same with a more oppressive overtone. When freedom was finally returned with Kera back in her rightful place as ruler - a new husband by her side - she paved the way for a huge amount of innovation. The population of Cindrellia boomed in response to the former deaths caused by the war.

Cindrellia is the most populous of all the countries, with a population of roughly 200 million people (which is just barely under the number of modern America). Within the country there are 30 different states run by fiefdoms with hand picked nobles at the reins of each state. Each noble runs a city - allowing for approximately 30 large cities in the country. Families often live in close proximity to one another in large apartment complexes and densely populated areas. The architecture is incredibly advanced and futuristic in design, utilizing curved buildings and made primarily out of bleached adobe rocks and pale colored materials. The main exception to this being the Gold City - Incendia - the capital city and crowning jewel of Cindrellia.

This is the most technologically advanced of the kingdoms. The primary working class is filled with engineers and blacksmiths; they create many of Amaranthia’s weapons using steel and metals harvested from the mines in Schiatten. They have the biggest cities and the highest population of any kingdom. The cities are famous for sinful ways with things such as prostitution and gambling being very popular tourist attractions. The morals of Cindrellia are the loosest in all of the Amaranthia with the most liberal rulers of any of the kingdoms.Cindrellia has highly advanced architecture and the main working force is very intelligent as the schools are some of the best in any country.

The people in Cindrella dress very liberally much like their culture. Filled with many realm travelers, the fashion is wild and other worldly, and more often than not incredibly revealing and scantily clad. Sex appeal is one of Cindrellia’s highest draws. People from all over say only the most beautiful and seductive women, and strong, well-endowed gentlemen reside here. The clothing is usually made of light fabrics, stuff that is cool and easy to maneuver around in in the pulsating heat.

 Holidays and Festivities Edit

Cindrellia isn't just known as the party country for it's loose and questionable morals, it is also seen that way for it's many celebrations and holidays. Most of them are recognized by the government, and are seen as excuses for the country to let loose and go nuts.

Name Type Time-Frame Celebratory Activities

Economy: Edit

General: Edit

Cindrellia has a regulated Capitalistic economy. It benefits from free market, large businesses, the ability to work hard, have a good product, and possibly make it big. There are some negative aspects of Cindrellia's capitalistic government however. Because a large portion of Cindrellia's money comes from tourists in big cities with large and prosperous underbellies, most of Cindrellia's most wealthy and prominent figures have the ability to get into the political game and are frequently the lords in charge of each Cindrellian state. This puts them in the pocket of the queen and allows for frequent bribery and corruption to occur in Cindrellia's big business underbelly. The saving grace being if the ruler of Cindrellia becomes wise to the motives of the large businesses in charge of casino's and other parts of the underbelly of Cindrellia, she has the ability to stop it.

Trade: Edit

Cindrellia’s workforce is made up of a lot of engineers and craftspeople, though it does have some unique exports. A large majority of the world's weapons are created in huge volcano forges in Kalnar city. Cindrellia has a strong alliance with the Kingdom of Salovia in the south and they trade knowledge as well as goods and services. The queen receives regular visits from her sister and, in turn, regularly visits the capitol city of Leohari in Salovia - spending weeks at a time visiting her sister. The workforce is supplied by highly educated citizens, as some of the world's best schools are within the Cindrellia borders. A lot of manufacturing of goods happens in Cindrellia. Much of the countryside is populated by moderate sized factory based towns who still receive many of the benefits of living in Cindrellia, but work hard to create new goods and innovations to export to the world around it. They utilize specialized magic to aid the production of items, and factory working is a pleasant and highly compensated job. They also have some mining, turning up volcanic ash, rocks, sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter (materials used in gun powder).

Currency: Edit

Cindrellian currency is entirely electronic. All of the citizens are issued a bank card that functions a little like a debit card at the time of financial independence (determined by race), usually around the age of 16. With this card all of the individual's funds are deposited into this account. As you grow older, and as each citizen's finances get more complex, they can acquire multiple accounts to hold money in and host credit lines.

Historically, the currency consisted mostly of gems of varying colors. Due to the love of fire colored jewels, those tended to be the highest in value. The history of Cindrellian currency is what gives it the name of "Flush". Physical Cindrellian flush is kept in large banks. The only time physical currency is needed is in large financial transactions between banks.

 Endemic Life Edit

Cindrellia has several native species of plants and animals around the continent it calls home.

Plant Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Friskin leesin Hypno Weed Some would say the hypno weed is central to Cindrellia's night life. This is because its seeds are hallucinogenic. While wild hypno weed produces this effect to some extent, the plant many people have grown fond of is actually a chemically altered version with more significant effects. As it's name would suggest, this plant grows like a weed in all Cindrellian deserts. It is also cultivated in many cities where Cindrellian herbalists have been able to alter the chemicals in the seeds, creating a booming market where citizens can pick and choose which experience they want to have.
Friskin Leesin (hypno-weed)

Animal Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Puffant Cindrellian vermin known for scavenging in sewers and garbages. They can be a serious problem due to the fact that if they feel threatened, they spray an acid like substance and puff up in defense (a little like a mixture between a skunk spray and a bombardier beetle). It's a real pest that shows up frequently in Cindrellian cities. The high population make the sewers a good breeding ground for these pesky creatures. Cities, in sewers and garbage.
Tiasa A large flying mammal originally found in Cindrellian jungles. These animals were domesticated 100s of thousands of years in Amaranthia's past. They tend to be popular pets for wealthy individuals. They are intelligent and though generally solitary can get along with groups in captivity. These animals share long lifespans along side many of Amaranthia's animals. Originally a jungle animal found in Cendrellia


Trivia: Edit

- Cindrellia has the Largest population of all the kingdoms roughly 200 million people call it home. The country is broken down into smaller city state fiefdoms, roughly 30 of them in total, with roughly 30 large cities.