Vampirism Edit

Vampirism is a slow starting curse that affects the targets mind, body, and even soul. All races with a strong soul are vulnerable to the curse. To become cursed, one must be fed upon by an existing vampire. Upon death, the victim enters stage 1 of the curse.

Stage 1: The victim awakes several hours after death, suffering stiffness as they shake off rigor mortis. Shortly after the victim suffers a deep hunger for blood, which completely engulfs their mind.

Stage 2: Once the new vampire has fed, its senses begin to return and its consciousness clears. Slowly the curse severs any connections the soul had and forces a connection to Dosheroth. During this proccess, the psyche of the victim is almost destroyed and any guilt over feeding is removed.

Stage 3: The final stage of Vampirism causes many mutations to the host. The ability to see in darkness, food becomes revolting, an overwhelming sensitivity to light, and an endless hunger for blood.

Should any individual be fed vampire blood they will become a Thrall, an unwilling servant of the cursed.


Lycanthropy Edit

Lycanthropy is a fast-acting and merciless curse, often causing the deaths of all those nearby. The curse is passed on via bite, causing any victims who survive a Lycan attack to become one in turn. Within hours of a bite, the victim finds themselves transformed into a vicious, uncontrollable, half-wolf beast. The transformation wears off when calmed or tired but is easily triggered by any number of stimuli, but especially the smell of blood. Lycanthropes often suffer from nightmares and as such find themselves transforming at night, this led to a longstanding false idea that Lycans transform by the light of the moon.

Sirenism Edit

The first Siren was born when a power-hungry mermaid discovered the power to take the souls of the drowned and devour them to siphon more magic from the afterlife planes. Over time their numbers have grown via kidnapping, brainwashing, and some dark souls seeking them out.

Sirenism is easily recognized by the corrupted crystals sprouting from their skin, as well as the energy forming cracks on their skin as their bodies strain to hold together.