Biology Edit

The Drider is a female-dominated species with a humanoid head and torso but possess the abdomen and legs of a variety of arachnids. They are very easily recognized by the second pair of eyes and lack of protruding nose.

Driders are often slightly smaller than a human however Scorpion Driders are known to grow quite large, up to 8 feet tall at the head. Males are usually smaller than females, often significantly so.

Despite the male-to-female ratio being nearly even, the males are almost always submissive and subservient to the females due to their size difference, and the natural arachnid predisposition towards cannibalism of males.

Sub-Species Edit

Driders feature many sub-species which even vary heavily in size. Most Arachnids found in Amaranthia have a Drider species to match.

Lifespan Edit

Driders have a below average lifespan of around 300, however, most never reach this age due ot dagnerous occupations or infighting.

Society Edit

Drider society is very diverse and integrated with their local area, due to their natural penchant for seclusion they don't tend to live in groups and as such do not have a formal culture, instead incorporating into the culture of those they reside near.

Architecture Edit

Thanks to their useful spinnerets, Driders have the advantage of a strong and readily available building material they use for almost everything. While structurally they tend to live in established buildings augmented with their webs. Many choose to live in ruins or caves so that they can have an established structure but not interfere with others.

History Edit

The Drider race was created by the Ancient of Shadow to serve as spies and infiltrators, they spread throughout the world even before the disappearance of the Ancients. Once the Ancient of Shadow was gone however many felt lost and began integration into society, some however still cling to the old ways and believe that one day their master will return.