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The Elves of Amaranthia are similar to the other humanoid races, however more attuned to each lands elemental affinity, causing many sub-species to emerge. Eleves were one of the few Amaranthian races to emerge naturally based on the evolution of the land rather then intelligent design. Elves developed slowly brought froward from the nature of Amaranthia, and infused with its natural magics.

Elves are numerous in Amaranthia making up the second largest citizen base alongside the population of the Zyrx. They appear to be very similar in evolution to that of the humans that were brought from off world, the primary difference being there slightly longer and pointier ears, along with there colorful array of natural hair and eye colors never found among the human population.

Though on the surface elves and humans appear to be only a few steps removed, deep below that there are many complex differences between the species physiology. Elves allow magic to travel through there body, this is an integral part of there ability to live. The magic originates directly from a magical soul connected to the afterlife planes of either Dosheroth of Aevanstan.

There are six subspecies of elves derived from the elemental magic most potent in each region of the globe.

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  • Fire Elves - Fire elves reside in the region of the globe populated by the country of Cindrellia. They are a species of dark skin and hair colors ranging from bright red to cool auburn oranges and gold colors. Most fire elves have eye colors residing in the warm spectrum of colors.
  • Water Elves -
  • Earth Elves -
  • Air Elves -
  • Light Elves -
  • Shadow Elves -

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Elves boast a rather long lifespan compared to many other species but are still completely dwarfed by the Zyrx

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