Climate and Geology: Edit

The enormous size of Idario and the remoteness of many areas from the sea result in the dominance of the humid continental climate, which is prevalent in all parts of the country except for the northern coast and the south near the Verluxian border. This causes often hot and humid summers, and brutally cold winters. The capital is located on the northern coast, and as such is often much colder than the majority of the country.

Idario is largely forest and countryside, with the only real maintained roads running between the larger cities. The main roads were created and now maintained by Geomancers, forming them from solid stone and carving tunnels and building high roads and bridges through valleys.

There are several large mountains and mountain ranges, largely towards the borders of the continent. The largest mountain is home to a large mining colony, producing almost all the metal in Idario.

Cities of Note: Edit

Name Location Known For
1.Zemany Northern Border Coast Capital
2.Tišov Taars Mountain Mining
3.Vambra Western Coast, South of Baennof mountains. Import/Export
4. Kusora Western Coast, South of Vambra. Pwani Beach
5.Douver Northwestern Peninsula Woodcutting
6.Drucburg Central Idario, deep in the Forest. Central Idario trading hub
7.Brunwen Northern Coast of Licherd Bay Fishing
8.Freland Eastern Mountains Large Fortress, Military Academies
9.Gefheim Northeast Forest Animal Products
10.Shasa South Western Peninsula Textile and Grain Farming
11.Ilyath Southeast Forest Fairy Capital

Life in Idario: Edit

Idario is largely utilitarian country, even Nobles and powerful magic wielders wealth is kept heavily in check by the ruling Emperor. The large majority of the population are farmers, tradesman, and craftsman. Public happiness is often very heavily affected by the policies of the current ruler, which changes frequently as Idario is prone to revolution and civil war.

The military is largely made up of many small teams of Wayfinders, specifically trained to combat enemies in the thick forests, often accompanied by a single Geomancer, wielders of earth magic trained in combat as well as creation. In addition to Wayfinders and Geomancers, there is also a standing army of mostly human soldiers. While there are many drafted into the Military, only about 10% stay beyond the first 2 years after training. This results in a small active military but a large reserve ready to be called upon.

Heavily reliant on Magic in place of technology, those with innate magical talent are gathered at a young age to be taught at Adamant Academy in Freland. Those who complete their training are often recruited into the military for several years, serving as Geomancers. Those who do not show an innate proficiency with magic are largely taught a trade from a family member or an individual master, those who do not learn a trade are usually drafted as Wayfinders.

The primary race in Idario are Deer and Bear Zyrx, creating a duality of natural elegance and strength. There are also many Elves and Humans, who find a relatively low class gap due to the utilitarian nature of the society.

Travelers through Idario rarely stray from the largest roads, as the hundreds of miles of dense forest are impenetrable to those not trained to navigate them.

 Holidays and Festivities Edit

Idario is a country with many unregulated and small festivals throughout the year to lift citizens spirits and celebrate different kinds of aspects of culture and life in the country. Most celebrations are celebrated differently throughout the country.

Name Type Time-Frame Celebratory Activities


Economy: Edit

Trade: Edit

Idario is the primary producer of food, textiles, and furs in Amaranthia, due to the large fields and forests in which to hunt and grow food. Alongside Food, another primary export of Idario is Armor and Weaponry, as they often host the most skilled craftsman, with skills honed and refined each generation. The majority of Import and Export flow through the port cities of Vambra and Zemany.

Currency: Edit

Idario has three currencies, being Bronze, Silver, and Gold "Id", one Silver Id being about 20 Bronze Ids, and 1 Gold Id being 50 Silver Id. They are small coins about an inch in diameter. One Bronze Id will buy a cheap drink, one Silver Id will usually buy a full dinner for one person. Only the Nobility carry Gold Id coins regularly and are usually used only for large business transactions.

 Endemic Life Edit

Idario being the largest continent in Amaranthia has huge variety in Animal and planet life endemic to it's region.

Plant Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Melefous royous Bleeding Crown Like with royalty, the bleeding crown can be helpful or it can be harmful. The actual flower (roughly the size of an adult hand) can be crushed and made into a numbing salve. This makes it very useful for many medical practices. The spur, however, produces a toxin which will cause paralysis and even death in high dosages. The bleeding crown is native to Idario, and is only found in forest clearings. Several of these clearings have been mapped, but there are likely many more which have not been discovered yet due to the dense growth pattern of trees in the area.
Melefous royous (bleeding crown)

Animal Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Equus Lupus Familiaris Ludanyn A popular Amaranthian beast of burden, regularly used in farm work. These docile omnivorous animals are quite intelligent and easy to train. Originally found in some of Idario's southern plains these animals have been transported all over the globe. They are one of the most frequently used domesticated Amaranthian animal. As well as a popular pet. Ludanyn are originally from the plains of southern Idario. Though this animal is hardy and can survive in most habitats.
Canis Pacos Ruvik A semi-domesticated animal with a rather vicious nature. They are omnivorous and usually prey on small animals or eat berries. and grasses. The range of Omnivorous will depend on the food source available. Ruvik live in large packs with definitive alpha female and male breeding couples. Female Ruvik lack tusks and are usually lighter in color. These animals are intelligent and observant. Shepards dedicate there lives to living among the Ruvik to harvest their natural fiber. Producing warm and soft garments for people all over Amaranthia. Ruvik are found in Idario's northern mountain ranges. They love high altitudes and live a rather nomadic lifestyle.
Bos Lepus Flups A domesticated Amaranthian farm animal. This animal is regularly utilized for meat, wool, and milk like products. These animals are originally from Idario but have sense been transported all over Amaranthia. These animals are herbivores grazing on large fields of grass. They can eat around 40 lbs of grass or hay in one single day. These animals have advanced hearing and little to no eyesight. Generally they are nocturnal and tend to live in large herds. Flups were originally found in plains of Southern Idario, though they have since been transported all over Amaranthia.

Trivia Edit

- Large population due to large land mass more spread out and not as many cities, roughly 100 million people call Idario home.