Structure Edit

The city is divided into 8 sequentially expanding rings, as well as the Harbor district. The 8 rings form "layers" of the city.

The crater at large is 8km Across and 2.4km High at the top

Each ring is 270 meters Tall and Wide and buildings are largely built directly into the side of the next ring.

In the North, South and East cardinal edges there are Elevators on each ring that ferry passengers up and down between the rings.

There is also a comprehensive Subway along each ring that makes stops frequently and has stations placed close to the elevators as well.

An extensive tunnel system winding throughout the crater's walls houses a mine and multiple production facilities from forges and smithies to assembly lines. This area is commonly referred to as "The Kiln" as it is usually stifling hot(90+)

The Harbor District is 3.2 kilometers across and 500 meters deep and houses an underwater mine that produces Meteor Ore, Arralune's only unique export.

Each of the rings has a distinct neighborhood.

  1. The lowest ring, referred to as "Dockside" or "The Docks" is mostly home to warehouses, however fresh fish and other goods stalls are also found here in abundance.
  2. The second ring houses the Free Market, and is made up almost entirely of shops and restaurants that sell goods brought up from the Dockside warehouses below.
  3. The third ring, aka "The Units" is almost entirely mass residential, made up of small, cheap dwellings clumped closely together as part of a larger building. However many small shops have sprung up for convenience.
  4. The Fourth ring, commonly called the "Ledges" is made up primarily of family-sized dwellings with many, many balconies protruding from the ring. As well as a large communal park
  5. The fifth ring is the "Garden ring", made up almost entirely of botanical gardens, as well as agricultural farms, and fruit orchards.
  6. The sixth ring is often called the "Night Ring" or "Dark Ring" as it is largely inactive before sunset but houses the cities entire tavern & event scene.
  7. The seventh ring "Law Ring" makes up the cities judicial, municipal, and administrative services in their entirety.
  8. The topmost ring is reserved for Mansion-sized homes with opulent courtyards and is the home of Arralune's Elite, including traditional dwellings for council members.

The underwater Harbor District contains a large Priola neighborhood on the bottom of the harbor, as well as an extensive underwater cavern system housing many Merfolk, as well as significant aquatic businesses.

Up above the city on the peak sits Elemental Academy, a massive, prestigious magical college.

Leadership, Law, & Authority Edit

Arralune is overseen by the City Council, currently made up of 9 members:

  • Captain Hugh Aruga, a human.
  • Captain Cedar Skye, a Harpy
  • Captain Margaret(Meg) Funk, a Saytyr
  • Alice Warton, Elven, warehouse & store owner
  • Sergei Brine, Merfolk, Inventor & Salesman
  • Merfolk Representative, Odessa Omier
  • Priola Representative, Annette Pyle
  • Zyrx Representative, Lawrence Kessler the Wolf
  • Elven Representative, Phraan Xyrven

In order to join the council one must meet a few requirements

  1. Have the funds necessary to purchase a seat on the council
  2. Petition the council to accept your purchase request
  3. Have lived within the city for 3 years.

For a captain seat you must also own and operate a ship and loyal crew.

For Racial representatives on the council, their race must make up a nearly-even portion of the population and must petition for an elected official to represent the race.

Law in Arralune is handled by the Council Guard, overseen by the active Captains on the council. Law is strict on most parts of the city, with Homeless vagrants being ejected from the city proper(they may choose death instead if they wish) Hangings are not uncommon, as all convicted cases of Murder or State-level treason result in a death sentence, often by hanging, however the convicted can choose to fight a duel to save themselves from death to be exiled instead.

History Edit

The city of Arralune was originally a settlement of Merfolk & Priola settlers, who discovered underground caves leading into a secluded bay at the bottom of a massive crater. eventually the crater wall on the western side began to crumble and was magically removed and carved into the giant statues adorning the entrance to the harbor.

As the city grew, more and more terrestrial beings(mostly pirates) came to call Arralune home, the 8 great rings were constructed with buildings and trains built directly into the crater's walls. Beneath the water, many underwater caves were made more and more comfortable and habitable, and a Priola-built neighborhood was built as the bottom of the harbor.

Climate & Geography Edit

The climate on Xaphir is very tropical, being largely hot and humid, with a cool ocean breeze coming from the west-facing harbor. Sunrises are very late in the day due to the high eastern crater wall. The furthest-east point on the 8th ring usually will not see direct sunlight until ten in the morning. Extending in all directions but west, the island of Xaphir is largely hilly agricultural areas leading down to small resorts and vacation houses near the shore.