Biography Edit

Kaeran was born to a very poor couple, an Elf and a Human, on the border of Verlux and Idario. Shortly after however, his family moved to Arralune[1]

His human father, Bran, Worked almost nonstop to make sure they would eat each day, when not working he slept. Despite never being a father he respected him for always providing. On the other hand his elven mother Jyna hated him and seemed to resent his human half especially so. She was often cruel, demanding he find a way to earn his keep even at a very young age.

Growing up in the poorest section of The Units in the Third layer, he often fended off sketchy individuals and got street smart quite quickly. Working on the docks as a porter, He became physically strong and a capable fighter, despite being relatively uneducated.

At 16 he joined the Arralune City Guard, though after a short while he realized how corrupt the guards truely were, and began striking out at night on his own, donning a mask and becoming a Vigilante.

When Lord Serpentine attacks Elemental Academy in order to isolate the heirs of each nation, Kaeran charged him down but was blown away with a single hit, destroying a well and falling down into the shaft.

Using what little Light magic he knew how to conjure, he searched the inside of the well for a way out, since the mechanism was destroyed and the city was in chaos. Eventually he found an underwater cave that lead to an old pirate den, where he met Algos, a Succubus from Dasheroth.

Algos had been trapped here by a contract made with the pirate whos hideout was now his tomb. She was connected to him, even after his death by their contract, as it had not been fulfilled nor she released from it. After telling her story, she tells Kaeran he can free her by disrupting her contract using his light magic. He agrees, but only on the terms that she agrees to form a contract with him instead. Algos teaches him the Banishing spell and in return, Kaeran is granted access to her power.

Contract Details: Edit

Both Kaeran and Algos' respective souls are held within Algos' physical body.

Kaeran controls the flow of Light and Shadow magic that flows through their souls from the afterlife.

Algos holds almost no power on Amaranthia as a result of the contract, even her Dasherothian features (Wings, horns, Tail) are simply not present without Kaeran opening the flow of Magic. With magic, however, Algos is able to fly, shapeshift, and assume a noncorporeal form.

When casting spells, Algos can perform the somatic and verbal components in place of Kaeran.

Abilities Edit

Magic Powers Edit

  • Avenstinian Light magic (Later combined with Algos' Dosherothian Shadow magic)

Innate Abilities Edit

  • Low-Light Vision
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Heightened Awareness

Restrictions Edit

  • Shadow magic manipulation is controlled by Algos

Skills Edit

  • Stealth

Knowledge Edit

  • Street Smarts
  • Tactics<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section