Biology Edit

The Platzenii are a primarily male species of desert dwelling lizard people, they are all born male due to the hot desert area where there eggs are produced. In order to produce eggs the most dominant Male will make a transition to female similar to what clownish go through in real life in order to lay eggs and carry on the next generation of Platzenii. They are descendant from merfolk who came to dry land for too long loosing the ability to return to the sea and bred intermittently with Zyrx and other varied Amaranthian species. In order to combat dehydration and adapt to the desert climate the Platzenni developed rivers of water underneath there skin, which they can absorb water from the atmosphere around them and hold it for long periods of time. Platzenni are a common Amaranthian species found mostly in Cindrellia. They harbor mild elemental and magical affinity and have basic abilities relevant to surviving the desert atmosphere and what not.

The most intelligent Platzenni is the leader, they tend to be more lithe and thin in comparison to the less intelligent and more brutish of the species.

Platzenni are generally very tall averaging about 8' foot tall being one of the tallest of Amaranthia's species.

Sub-Species Edit

There are a variety of subspecies of Platzenii mostly adapting to whatever climate they live in. The majority of them tend to live in the desert and very hot climates. However it has been said that when born in more temperate or moderate environments they are born with more even distribution of genders and can be a variety of different adaptations.

One of the more prominent subspecies are the chameleon and gecko type of Platzenni under the title Maczenni.

Lifespan & Maturation Edit

Platzenii and all of the subspecies will live a natural cycle of roughly 120 years, with variation on death age based on sickness, and injury. Once the next generation eggs are fertilized and lain most Platzenii reach a point in which they have no more then 10 years left of life when they will ultimately die of old age. At birth the Platzenii maturate shortly after the parental generations death at roughly 12 years.

Reproduction Edit

Having mostly evolved in the harsh atmosphere of Cinderella's deserts the Platzenni have developed a reproduction cycle in which the most dominant male in the Platzenii's case this means most intelligent will under go a sort of metamorphic transition into the female gender in order to lay the eggs of the next generation. The second in line in the Platzenii's social hierarchy will get the honor of fertilizing the next generations eggs. At birth the Platzenni are taken care of by the clan and passed down knowledge of previous generations for roughly 10 years before the untimely end of the parental generations time.

Diet Edit

Platzenni are carnivorous but mostly subsist off of small desert insects and wild life. They have simple diets and can get by on very little resources if needed to combat the harshness of the environment they live in.

Society Edit

Platzenii exist in a society that has varied degrees of superiority, with an ultimate true alpha leading all the way down to the lowest group of more common betas. They live in family clans. Clans of Platzenni there are between 100-200 strong and encompass a several mile radius territory where they hunt and conduct life.