Biology Edit

Saytyrs are a humanoid/creature hybrid species identified by their furry, unguligrade legs ending in cloven hooves, their long furry ears, as well as their small curling horns. Saytyrs possess a large amount of Earth elemental magic, and as such are very in tune with the earth and plants surrounding them, allowing them to connect empathically with plant life and making them very aware of seismic events.

Saytyrs stand usually shorter than most species.

Saytyrs possess a long average lifespan of a thousand years.

Society Edit

Saytyrs often live in small villages with other races such as Zyrx and Elves. Many enjoy mischief and merry-making while others retreat into the wilds to commune with nature and the earth. They treat nature with great respect, however, they also recognize the circle of life and death. All things that live must kill to survive, and all things that die will feed those that live.

Saytyrs have a rivalry with Centaurs about which species was created second, and is therefore superior. Saytyrs believe their stronger magic makes them the better species whereas the Centaurs believe their strength makes them superior.

History Edit

Saytyrs have a curious history, they were created by the Ancient of Earth at a very similar time to the Centaurs and history is split on whether the Centaurs were first or the Saytyrs were.

The disappearance of their ancient did not affect the Saytyr way of life significantly, as they often were left to seek their own destinies.

Trivia Edit

Do not let the rumors fool you, "Faun" is a patronizing term used towards females.