Climate and Geology: Edit

The country of Schiatten is located in Amaranthia's south western region. The continent is slightly larger than Solovia. The land Schiatten calls home is part of a humid, subtropical zone for the northern area, becoming colder and more arid the farther south you travel. Some of Schiatten's land lies on the continent largely occupied by Cindrellia. This is where most of Schiatten's jungle region can be found. The climate is subject to a lot of different variety due to the large disparity in elevation throughout the country. In general, the norther parts of Schiatten are characterized by hot, humid, and rainy summers, mild winters, with periodic droughts. The southern parts of the country generally experience hot dry summers, and incredibly harsh, cold winters. Schiatten only really has one truly large mountain range, but some of Amaranthia's tallest peaks are found there. A few of Schiatten's largest cities are in the tallest peaks of it's main mountain range. The capitol city of Chumeda is located on the south eastern shore of the main land, on the shores of the Laharka ocean. The climate of this city is temperate. The summers are cool, around 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the winters stay relatively similar in temperature - being a little cooler to below freezing.

The population of Schiatten is primarily made of Snake Zyrx. These cold blooded inhabitants are found in large variety, and have developed many different evolutionary capabilities over time in order to adapt to Schiatten's wide range of temperatures, climate, and geology. Schiatten is a very diverse country because of its willingness to conquer other nations. The population is generally loyal to their ruler, feeling that they have the best ideas for how the world should be run, without the messiness of loose morality. Schiatten has a strict class structure with a rigid view of how society should look.

Cities of Note: Edit

Name Location Meaning
1. Chumeda City S.W of Schiatten mainland on Laharka shore. City of Obsidian
2. Somell N. Most Cindrellian continent Night river city
3. Melro S. Most on Cindrellian continent Stolen City
4. Gaucht E. Cindrellian continent Taken by force
5.Morbra N. most mainland city Delicate peninsula
6. Morkrio N.E inland of Palmeri Ocean City of Midnight
7. Karlap On mouth of river S. of Irigam Inlet Mouth of a river
8. Joiket S. City on the mountain range Jewels of the mountain
9. Noika S. most city in Schiatten Frozen river
10. Ourvik City on E. side of mountain range. Land of ore
11. Usiora Mid W. city on mountain range. City of untold wealth.
12. Weidump N.W. city on the mountain range. City at the base of swamp and mountain.
13.Suoford City in large swamp. N.E of Chumeda Black Swamp
14. Loxiku Directly S. Chumeda. On the boarders of cold
15. Klofin On peninsula N. of Chumeda Oasis city

Life in Schiatten: Edit

Schiatten is a prosperous nation with a large amount of social cushioning. The poorest citizens in Schiatten are taken care of and have enough to survive. At bare minimum they are provided health care and a job. They are without need, though also without excess.

Every citizen in the Schiatten empire is required to join the military in some aspect (whether that be fighting, intelligence, or maintenance). The required term for all citizens is 10 years, with the option to continue serving if you please. The easiest way to move up in Schiatten society is via the military as service highly celebrated. The middle class society in Schiatten is made up of working class people who take on mining, farming and other tasks that are related to excavating the vast and bountiful landscape of Schiatten's home land. The working class has access to some luxuries, but primarily spend their days humbly, in medium sized houses with little room for frivolous spending. The citizens in Schiatten are generally happy and well cared for. Education is mandated through childhood and adolescence, and each citizen goes through a rite of passage when they enter the military service. When their service term ends, they are released into adulthood to do whatever job their class has dectated to them.

One of the practices of the Schiatten military is the Schiatten brand. An "S" shaped brand on the shoulder is given to every new recruit of the military. The "S" symbolizes camaraderie, patriotism, and dedication for the country. The Schiatten brand is a prized part of culture, and most fashion in the country will display the shoulder brand in one way or another. Fashion is largely based on armor, and formal military dress. The music and entertainment is reflective of the adoration of the Schiatten Military. The most popular types of entertainment are large parties hosted by nobility for various military and country wide holidays, which Schiatten has a large number of. They dress extravagantly and display wealth and status on their clothing in telling, yet also subtle ways.

The love of the military of Schiatten is a double edged sword. On the one hand, everyone loves the veterans and they are greatly cared for. Anyone injured in battle will live life in the lap of luxury - taken care of very well by the country. Though in contrast, one of the most negative things a citizen can do in Schiatten is to desert, abandon, or run away from the military commitment to the country. Performing these actions is not only likely to strip someone of citizenship, but it is also liable to get you imprisoned, enslaved, or killed. The Schiatten military is a very serious ordeal, and to undercut it in anyway is to wish for a swift and decisive death for yourself.

Although Schiatten cares a great deal about its citizens, it is very serious about nobility and the class of citizens. While possible to move up, without moving up in the military or marring into a higher class, you're likely to live in whatever class you're born into forever. The society is rigid - the ruler has a close knit circle of very powerful nobility to advise executive decisions, but otherwise ruling power is solely for the ruler to hold. With the range of technology available, Schiatten is a fairly advanced society, having a moderately educated and driven society. The borders of Schiatten are heavily guarded, and they don't allow frequent touring to their country. Though tourists are sometimes allowed, it's not a very frequent practice. Usually if you're coming to Schiatten, you are seeking refuge from poverty, not looking for a good time. The most frequent refuges come from the country of Verlux.

Schiatten is a very caring society with strict military rules in place, and a very rigid class structure. They have the fewest number of citizens living in poverty, but the highest amount of rules and control over people's every day lives. The working class works hard in jobs that are difficult to move up in, but provide citizens with a sense of purpose and a duty to perform. Schiatten also controls the largest number of human slaves in any nation.

 Holidays and Festivities Edit

Schiatten is a country with several government mandated holidays and large festivals throughout the year to lift citizens spirits and celebrate different aspects of culture and life in the country. Most celebrations are not optional.

Name Type Time-Frame Celebratory Activities

Economy: Edit

General: Edit

In general the overall economy of Schiatten is a functioning communist government, with bouts of capitalism in specific regions. Having many years to perfect the system, it does a good job taking care of it's poor, elderly, or disabled citizens. Schiatten is a very wealthy nation getting large amounts of wealth from it's very rich land, and large amounts of natural precious minerals and ore. The Schiatten government puts a lot of funds in infrastructure, and has large amounts of readily available transportation all over the country. Schiatten is also a very large global economy exporting knowledge and goods all over Amaranthia.

Trade: Edit

Schiatten is mostly responsible for precious metal and jewels. Their mining allows for the country to be very wealthy. They invest a lot of their money into infrastructure and military efforts. The trade in Schiatten is watched extremely closely, but thrives nonetheless. Schiatten produces large quantities of goods that are shipped throughout the world. Usiora, Schiattens largest city, is one of the only places in the entire country with a free capitalistic style market. The result here is that Usiora is a huge tourist destination by virtue of being one of the only places with free range to visit.

Currency: Edit

Schiatten currency is broken down into two sections: lesser coins made of iron, silver, and white gold, and higher currency made up of various gems (emeralds being the most precious). Each piece of Schiatten currency is inscribed with the Schiatten "S" brand, and an etching of one of Schiattens most important public figures. The most expensive jewel has Serpentine's face carved into its side. Schiatten currency is called "Siv". The lesser coins are refereed to as Siv pieces where as gems are idividual Siv.

Endemic Life Edit

Schiatten has several native species of plants and animals around the continent it calls home.

Plant Life: Edit

Species Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Arventous lious Lovers' Poison The goblet shape petals and purple filamentous leaves make this plant look like a cup on a cloud of purple smoke. It’s called lover’s poison because it contains liquid which mimics the scent of an insect in heat, luring insects looking for a mate to down into it. It digests these insects for energy. Lovers' poison is only found in Schiatten swamp-lands.
Arventous lious (lover's poison)

Animal Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Geroby Geroby are a semi-aquatic eel, or snake like creature, with only front legs. They are fairly rare. Researches are not entirely sure what allows these creatures to live in swamps, and have rarely seen them in the wild. Schiatten swamp
Cieldian Cieldian are an amphibious creature that lives in Schiatten swamps, rivers, and lakes. This creature can be a variety of sizes from small to roughly 6 feet long. This animal is carnivorous and has a jaw that exerts tremendous amounts of force. This animal is fairly common in freshwater bodies throughout Schiatten and has many subspecies. Cieldian are found in most freshwater bodies of water in Schiatten

Trivia: Edit

-A fairly large population with roughly 15 large cities, the population is close to 150 million people calling Schiatten home pre Serpentine domination.