World Overview Edit

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Amaranthia is a large planet that is made of 8 large continents.The planet has been described as a little larger than earth, with days being roughly the same amount of time and the Amaranthian year being a bit longer then the average earth year.

The Planet Edit

The world is a large wet world with a wide variety of different climates throughout the planet.

Amaranthia has two moons, A large moon named Dasgi and a smaller moon named Vaje. Named after the first god and goddess of water, it is said Dasgi chases Vaje around the sky in an eternal lovers dance . The planet orbits slightly closer to it's earth like star then earth does and sits comfortably within the habitual zone of it's solar system. In fact three planets within Amaranthia's solar system support habitual conditions, Amaranthia being the fourth closest planet to it's star. The Solar system is made up of 9 planets being the following.

  1. Senca
  2. Kohia
  3. Terran
  4. Amaranthia
  5. Sakovesi
  6. Tano
  7. Kizumi
  8. Valoknieve
  9. Verdus

The planet Terran is a lush forest world with an oxygen rich atmosphere and is the home to the realm Halikai where one of the main characters Mei is from. No one really has much information on the third most habitual planet. It's a rather icy world known as Sakovesi to the Amaranthian people.

The Calendar Edit

The world of Amaranthia has a thirteen month year and a year that lasts 390 days. The months of the Amaranthian year are named for various festivities and seasonal events that happen. The months are as follows.

  1. Alkuita - A thirty day month meaning Beginning
  2. Feiliad - A 28 day month meaning Festivities
  3. Dekojiri - A 31 day month meaning Give Thanks
  4. Ahurava - A 30 day month meaning Nature to celebrate the beginning of spring
  5. Calumi - A 31 day month meaning Warmth
  6. Nyarmine - A 30 day month meaning Summer Travels
  7. Salumoro - A 30 day month meaning Firework fun
  8. Kuumatala - A 31 day month meaning Hot holiday
  9. Liamouri - A 30 day month meaning Grey and Dead
  10. Elumi - A 31 day month meaning Life and Spirits
  11. Nesulo - A 30 day month meaning Glutton and Harvest
  12. Gajilia - A 30 day month meaning Family
  13. Zavdir - A 28 day month meaning endings.

On top of Amaranthia's thirteen month calendar they also have a week consisting of 6 days. The days are named after the main elemental magic affinities.

  • The first day of the week is Valdana representing Light
  • The second is Lofdana representing Air
  • The third is Ishdana representing Water
  • The fourth day of the week is Vatradana Representing Fire
  • the fifth is Kradana representing Earth
  • and the sixth day of the week which is also the last is Itsaldana Representing Shadow

Countries on the Planet Edit

Each continent contains one large country ran by a monarchical system of government. The 6 countries are represented by the elements of Light, Shadow, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The countries have different economic systems, ideals and general ways of life.

  • Cindrellia - The country represented by the element of fire and is primarily run by a long line of queens under the title of Moondust. The country is seperated into 30 different states run by individual fiefdoms. This kingdom has the highest population, large cities, and is the most technologically advanced.
  • Schiatten - The country represented by the element of Shadow. A kingdom with a common theme of rebuilding itself stronger as time passes, run by a line of strong highly magically inclined kings with equally powerful queens. This country has a complex history with a very militaristic society. They value purity of blood and strong magic over all else. This kingdom spent some time conquered before a king from a thought to be lost blood line brought it back to the forefront of history.
  • Verlux - The country represented by the element of Light. This kingdom is the smallest of all the kingdoms having a small population and the least land, they tend to value extravagance over practicality. This Kingdom is run by an Oligarchy with a knowledge obsessed line of kings used as figureheads.
  • Salovia - The country represented by the element of Water. This is a moderately sized country with a good amount of technology though most of the citizens live in smaller villages. The ruling lineage is a line of wolf queens under the title of Stardust.
  • Idario - The country represented by the element of Earth. This country has the largest land mass and the least incorporated society. Most of the citizens live in small villages or solitary. They are ruled by a savage and large branching family with turbulent policy and throne placement. With citizens caring mostly about practicality.
  • Aishonia - The country represented by the element of Air. The most unusual continent as it is a large floating land mass that travels around the world roughly 3 miles above the ground. The ruling line being a fierce dragon people, they hold traditions and traditional values to high esteem.

Magic in Amaranthia Edit

The magic in Amaranthia originates from two different places of afterlife. There is celestial magic, and abyssal magic, from the god’s and goddesses of the 2 main soul reaping afterlife plains.

The abyssal realm of Dosheroth  run by goddess Cleara and god Mezzat, and the celestial realm of Aevanstan run by goddess Amatia and god Raizet. The gods and goddesses of the afterlife plains are not responsible for the creation of souls. They also do not generally have the power to breathe life into dead ones or kill people on the mortal plane as they see fit. There main job is to rule over the collective species of sentient beings that guard the afterlife and help run it called Caemons. Aevanstanian Caemons are referred too as Lis Caemon or Lis for short, while there Dosherothian counter part are referred to as Kos Caemon or just Kos for short.The Caemon are citizens in each after life realm, and direct and judge souls already in Amaranthia’s rotation and allow accesses to magic on Amaranthia. During the judging process the souls in Amaranthia's rotation are accounted for, and it is determined whether it would be better for a soul to be re-birthed or put to an eternal rest as they've achieved there final goal.

Each magical soul is connected to one of the planes of afterlife, the soul acting as a sort of lye-line directly to the magic of the afterlife realms. Who possesses what type of magic generally is determined by family, it’s rare that someone will be born into one family of magic and have affinity for the other, but anomalies do occur.The connection to magic is directly governed by the rulers of each respective afterlife plane.

Each type of magic being vastly different coming from entirely different realms, operate differently with entirely different rules. Celestial magic is based on order tending to be more focusing in learning and honing your abilities. Most Celestial magic wielders are more reliant on incantations and spells until they are much further along in there magical learning. In contrast Abyssal magic is derived from chaos tending to be more inherent and less structured, using spells and incantations for an abyssal magic wielder is said to make magic more precise and have results be more accurate. As they progress in there magical studies it becomes more fluid and they no longer rely on structure. Most embrace the chaotic and random nature of there magic. Celestial users often times cannot understand how a chaos user can be so go with the flow whatever happens happens, while chaos users feel the same way about celestial's. Over all both style and type of magic has negatives and positives.

It is excessively rare for one being to possess connections to both plains of afterlife. The most common reason for this is a Caemon that has switched alliances and transcended from one afterlife plane to the other. This is nigh unheard of for the majority of Amaranthian history, but it is said to be possible. The closest a mortal being can get is for instance a Shadow magic user having a celestial magic affinity, vice versa with light, as it is said that Light and Shadow magic while being elemental magics are the closest to the actual power of Celestial and Abyssal magic.

If you’re a magic user in Amaranthia your soul will be sent to the respective plane to which your magic initially belongs. Non magic users are considered second class citizens and slaves because their souls do not transcend into the planes of the afterlife.

Other Types of Magic in Amaranthia Edit

Under each strictly governed sect of abyssal or celestial magic there are 6 sub types of magic. This magic is inherent in the world of Amaranthia in itself, however beings can only access it when paired with Celestial or Abyssal magic. The Magic's are

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, and Shadow. Each ruling family possess the most potent and powerful elemental magic in respect to the kingdom's main elemental affinity, as well as the strongest connection to the afterlife plains. For instance the ruling family of Cindrellia, the Moondust family possess the most powerful fire magic in all of Amaranthia, as rulers of Amaranthia are direct descendants of the god and goddess of each element.

Each sub element is the only type of magic that is inherent and directly from the planet of Amaranthia itself. However sentient beings that have souls connected to Dosheroth and Aevanstan will always have higher connection to Celestial or Abyssal magic. It’s nearly impossible for someone who is born with magical capabilities to just have elemental magic. Usually if something has just elemental magic it comes in the form of animals and plant life directly connected to the surface of Amaranthia.

The connection to magic is directly governed by the rulers of each respective afterlife plane. Each type of magic being vastly different coming from entirely different realms. They operate differently with entirely different rules. Two people wielding fire magic with connections to the opposite afterlife plain will appear to have next to the same type of magic because it’s both fire, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The techniques, uses, and actual way of summoning their magic will be entirely different.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Elements Edit

There is one other afterlife plane of existence called The Eternal Summerlands the petty gods and goddesses governing each element reside within this realm. While these gods and goddesses are proper god and goddesses they are not as powerful as the rulers of Aevanstan and Dosheroth. The gods and goddesses of each element is a title passed from one generation of ruler to the next within Amaranthia, once the ruler dies. They can realm hop between the summerlands and their respective magical plane freely. Within each afterlife plain the elemental gods and goddesses are welcomed with open arms and generally treated as invited guests of the goddess and god ruling over each realm

Gods and Goddesses of the subset elements will rule with the title of currently worshipped God and Goddess for one royal lifetime. When an Amaranthia king or queen dies she or he will become the next elemental god or goddess. Due to the long lifespans of Amaranthian rulers this can be a very very long time in between god changes. Once a God or Goddesses term is up they step down and while still retaining all the power and prowess that goes with being a god or goddess they are permitted to retire no longer responsible for anything to do with the mortal realms. Usually it is a welcome change. Celebrated with huge celebrations in both the after realms and the mortal plain

Here is a list of currently ruling Amaranthian gods and goddesses for each subset element.

  • Fire – Tano Moondust(m) Kaliena Moondust (f)
  • Water – Vaje Stardust (f) Dasgi Stardust (m)
  • Earth – Terran Eclipse (m) Fay Eclipse(f)
  • Air – Namos Wind (f) Cuir Wind (m)
  • Light – Avaielle Lucus (f) and Vallus Lucus(M)
  • Shadow – Senca Seprense(m) Livana Serpense (f)

The Limits of Amaranthian Magics Edit

Most of the Amaranthian people can manipulate the power of one of the classical 6 elements being Light, Shadow, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The highest scales of these individual magics being Buring cities down in a single go, teleporting across the world through shadows, keeping cities afloat, creating cities or parting literal oceans. Following nobles who can do those things but on a slightly smaller scale, to soldiers who can use the magic for weapons to the general population of people in Amaranthia has access to magic but usually only one type of magic and they can only perform small amounts of that magic.

With that in mind each types of Aevanstanian magic is based in Order and pure magic from that realm while rare does exist usually it manifests in the manipulation of crystals. While Pure Dosherothian magic also it exists it is structured around chaos and the base of the magic lies in the manipulation of corruption magics.

History of Amaranthia Edit

The world of Amaranthia is speculated to be far older then our earth by several billion years. Sentient life didn't start on Amaranthia until roughly 2 billion years into the planets original creation. Being crafted by the goddess of life herself. The sentient races of Amaranthia have their history broken into roughly six periods of time.

The Dark Age Edit

The first period of time is referred to as The Age Darkness as it is a time before any sentient life lived on the planet of Amaranthia. This was a time period of beasts and untamed elemental magic.

The Age of the Ancients Edit

The beginning of recorded history in Amaranthia started in the second period of History. Referred to as The time of the ancients. This time period has the least amount of surviving documentation as it was said to be before any organized civilizations existed in the world.The first sentient race to ever walk the planet was a race of people referred to as the ancients by modern society not knowing the official title of these creatures. The ancients where a race of humanoid elf like people sent directly from the realm of Dosheroth and Aevanstan by the gods and goddesses of the realms to colonize the planet. It is said in legends that the ancients where very powerful and magical beings, having been directly created to colonize the untamed lands of Amaranthia.

It is said that there were eight ancients in total and they each claimed a portion of Amranthia's land, being a large super-continent at the time. The Ancients utilized there unparalleled power to create different species to be used as slaves and do there bidding.

The first of the ancients chose to create a species of sentient primates that would later become humans. The apes that humans are directly descendant of did not hold any magic so in later evolution they still remained without any magic.

The second of the ancients wanted to do one better then the last and transformed a population of magically inclined felines into a sentient and humanoid race. These humanoid felines had magic and developed souls directly connected to the afterlife planes. They proved to be very intelligent and versatile in their magical abilities.

The Third of the ancients too wanted to do one better then the last and transformed nearly all the dragon population in the entirety of Amaranthia into sentient humanoid creatures. The ones that didn't get transformed were far and few in-between and largely hibernating during this time period. The dragons proved to be very powerful, overflowing with magical prowess and power and were also granted souls from the afterlife plains.

The Fourth of the ancients continued the path paved by the three prior and also wanted a powerful race of beings to do their bidding for them. This ancient was greedy and could not choose which animal they preferred to be a population of slaves for them, so they created two types of humanoid animal people. The deer folk and the bear people. The bears and deer turned humanoid possessed much magical prowess and became a staple of the land.

The fifth Ancient was simple and loved wolves. Creating a population of strong and independent wolf humanoids to use as emotional slaves and harbor the labors of entertaining them. Given that they had magic they were granted souls from Dosheroth and Aevanstan.

The sixth Ancient decided to create a humanoid species of snake people feeling that snakes were far superior to the cute and mammalian creatures that all the other ancients were creating. Given that they had magic they were granted souls from Dosheroth and Aevanstan.

The seventh Ancient had a flare for design and chose to make a sentient race of vain and beautiful bird humanoid creatures similar to peacocks. They couldn't fly and were chosen purely for the aesthetic. They still had magic and were granted souls from the realms of Dosheroth and Aevanstan.

The final ancient charmed a zyrx a magical creature with very powerful connection to the afterlife realms. The humanoid they created was the most powerful with dominant genes. They always presented outwardly which realm they were connected to in the form or wings.

The ancients continued creating animal people as years went by. The ancients faded into memory existing as nothing more then legend after a few millennia and the Zyrx humanoids had interbred so much with the other species that they became one solid species of humanoid animalsitic sentient beings. The most common intelligent species in Amaranthia. With a wide variety of magical capabilities and varied magical power.

The Age of Intelligence Edit

The next age in Amaranthian history is called the Age of Intelligence. It was the marker of when the majority of Amaranthia's sentient species came to be and the first semblance of the elemental kingdoms were created. By this point in history there were no known living ancients and they had since long been forgotten. The main population were a species now referred to souly as Zyrx forgetting there origins.

It is at this time that the first elemental gods and goddesses were birthed. They created monarchical medieval governments will small pockets of followers. Though there were only six true elemental rulers, at this time there were many kingdoms dedicated to the newly evolved sentient races popping up all over Amaranthia.

This was a time period of intelligent races beginning to emerge and find ways to colonize and unite under kingdoms. It was also a time of constant warring between races.

The Age of Broken Light and Shadow Edit

This is the longest portion of Amaranthia's history. During this age Amaranthia conformed to the common kingdoms of the modern era. Recorded history was good and the 6 elemental kingdoms conquered the entirety of the globe snuffing out a large majority of any sort of rebellions from conquered people. The kingdoms were loose at this time being run as traditional monarchies, with familial lineage being the most direct form of succession of the throne.

This was a very turbulent time in history marred by war. Warring between the kingdoms over territory, resources and power was prevalent and common. The largest longest of the wars was a several millennia long war between Verlux and Schiatten. The war between those two countries was fierce, though it was a common place thing at the time. Many citizens of the countries detested one another. The worlds fighting seeming to never end did end finally. The end of the war between Verlux and Schiatten concluded suddenly with the mutual deaths of both rulers occurred. In that time period the kingdoms of Schiatten and Verlux crumbled