A realm that exists outside Amaranthia, it was a world on the other side of the void. The world was completely destroyed by an invading force of void creautres that emerged from the depths of the unknown called the Sho'Voth. This world was heavily saturated with shadow magic, and was mostly inhabitied by a race of magic users called the Sjcani. The Sho'Voth were drawn to Ver Sulta by the strong magic force, as they feed off of magic. They would end up devouring most of the landmass before the remaining Sjcani sacrified their lives to trap them on Ver Sulta.

Only three Sjcani remain of the once 8 million strong race. Kaine Nightwing, a highborn sorceror; Kyra Vigor, a commoner from the mainland; and Ominakna, a child of the scholars of the main city. They managed to escape through the Eternal Void into Amaranthia right before the barrier was erected.

Biology Edit

They are a species that looks half human and half dragon, with leanings either way depending on personality and magic levels. More magically inclined Sjcani tend to look more draconic. They have large webbed wings and horns of varying scales. They tend to be above 6 feet in height.

Their average life span is about 2000-3500 years long.

Abilities Edit

The magic they use is drawn straight from the Eternal Void, and is only limited by one's mental capacity. They can use this magic to shadow walk, and to bend shadows into other forms. Some more powerful magic users can even alter the world around them in illusions using shadows.

Diet Edit

They mostly eat fish and flora, having been the most avaliable resources in Ver Sulta. They will eat other meats if necessary but prefer fish, especially ocean varieties.

Society Edit

Most of the social norms and customs of this world were lost along with it, but there was a cutural fascination with ocean life and the study of magic. They had vast libraries full of many tomes, and being a librarian and scholar was a high calling. High level magic users that were scholars were very well loved.