Climate and Geology: Edit

The climate in Verlux is a relatively varied one due to the size of the country itself, however the majority of the country lies directly on Amaranthia's equator giving it an equatorial climate. Verlux is a very hot and humid destination, that doesn't exhibit a clear dry season. This promotes large hostile jungles with many forms of endemic life. One of Amaranthia's largest jungles resides east of Lucius City the capitol of Verlux.

They tend to have stable year round temperatures sitting around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the northern part of Verlux, with more variation as you go south. When you hit Verlux's capitol city the weather enters a more tropical pattern having more clear distinctions between a dry season and a wet one, while still remaining mostly warm and humid for a large portion of the year.

At the farthest southern tips of the country, the climate begins to be a colder one, exhibiting more desert like or savanna like properties. Though the majority of the land in southern Verlux is an arid desert. During the winter the south experiences heavy winds and the temperatures can get quite low being only in the 50's for a high.

The main population of Verlux resides in 3 super sizer cities in the northern part of the country. The primary population is a mixture between bird zyrx preoccupied with beauty, and elves. The bird zyrx primarily received their bright and colorful plumage as a gift from the tropical environment they reside in. The other main portion of the population Amaranthian Elves. Elves originated from the land of Verlux, and usually hold positions of authority or nobility within the country.

Cities of Note: Edit

Name Location Meaning
1. Lucius City Northern Verlux just below Equator near Luxian sea City of Light
2. Diaba City The jungle to the East of Verlux light Jungle
3. Jamiere City Southern most city, located in Verlux's only mountain range. Sky Mountain

Life in Verlux Edit

Verlux is a country with a lot of contrast in its culture. The wealth in Verlux is at its highest disparity within Amaranthia. Creating a deep rift between the super poor and the super wealthy. Most of the country is controlled by the very wealthy residing in the inner rings of the three large cities in Verlux. The Media and the culture is created and spread in the images of the super wealthy. The wealthy groups of Verlux are a study in corruption and excess, with bent moral compasses. Despite the fact that Verlux is in general a fairly wealthy nation due to its access to rare metals and gems. The wealth of Verlux is primarily held by a small percentage of powerful super rich individuals.

The rich are a bizarre and exclusive group of individuals who chase after media trends. The fashion and culture is rooted in the morals and views of the wealthy. These views suggest that wealth is directly equal to power, and magical prowess throughout the country, essentially equating to your direct value as a person to how much money you have. The less showy and interesting your fashion, or the less you keep up on media trends, the less in touch with the culture you are, and the less you're worth in the eyes of the wealthy Verluxian people.

Most of the Verluxian population is filled with purists, looking for the purest forms of Celestial Light magic and holding it to unattainable high standards within the culture. Even the poor who are subjected by the societal expectations of the wealthy feel this way. The hostility and disparity of wealth within the country make it so not many Amaranthian citizens immigrate to Verlux. The population is kept the smallest in Amaranthia due to this fact. The result of this mindset can be a fairly negative one on the people of the country. Verluxian magic tends to originate directly from the plains of Aveanstan so the people tend to not have direct connections to elemental magic, making them fairly detached from the rest of Amaranthia. Though this is a disadvantage, most Verluxian people feel this makes them entitled as there magic is a powerful one that comes directly from magic's source. Verluxianians don't spend a lot of time considering other types of magic, and the benefits of having them.

The small population of Verlux resides primarily in 3 super sized cities. These cities have a fair amount of interesting and fairly advanced technology, and the sheer size of them is more then any other place in Amaranthia. The 3 cities of Verlux average about 5 million people per city. With the structure operating in rings based on wealth. The out skirts of the cities are the largest slums in all of Amaranthia. The size of cities promotes a lot of culture to be born here, holding plays, and concerts are frequent things that occur here. Verlux despite its internal problems with wealth disparity, has a huge market for tourism.

Holidays and Festivities Edit

Name Type Time-Frame Celebratory Activities

Economy: Edit

General: Edit

Most of the rural places of Verlux are untouched by big business and operate under a traditional economic system utilizing the simple trade of goods for services and so forth. Verlux has a regulated currency that exists all over the country but it isn't as frequently used in the rural parts of the country, and the currency is one of the only regulated things about the country. The economy in general is a mixture between the free market style of Capitalism and traditional market values. The cities tend to be hubs for free market and breed large business because of this. Verlux has a largely unregulated economy that causes a huge disparity to wealth. The ruling class doesn't really feel it necessary to change the way things are because as it is, it benefits them.

Trade: Edit

The three major cities in Verlux house huge trading hubs, goods from all over the globe get passed through Verlux. Verlux makes a pretty decent amount of goods that get shipped all over Amaranthia, however the majority of Verluxian goods are manufactured by a small number of very large companies. These companies make up the primary elite and noble classes in Verlux, and while Verlux has a monarchical figure head the main way the country is run is through a powerful oligarchy.

Currency: Edit

Verlux has a regulated currency that exists primarily within it's three major cities. It is called referred too as Glass. Verluxian Glass is polished glass coins of varied value. They all are varied hues of opaque glass with numbers correlating to the value etched into them. Clear glass is the highest value of all physical currency and is never found outside the pockets of the wealthy. Sheer is a nickname given to Clear Glass and with that poor people often use the term Sheer as a slur word for the wealthy.

Endemic Life Edit

Verluxian Flora and Fauna

Plant Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Stilous vibratous Star Vine It’s deep green, shiny star shaped leaves make it a beautiful vine, but there’s more to it than that. This vine plays host to an uncommon bacteria which create glowing nodes near the ends of sterile vine tips. This makes the plant really sparkle at night. The star vine is native to Verlux, but it is often cultivated as an ornamental in wealthier regions of Amaranthia. It can be coaxed to grow in most climates, but prefers the Verluxian climate.
Stillous vibrantous (star vine)

Animal Life: Edit

Scientific Name Common Name Description Habitat Appearence
Rophailidae Swilt A verluxian bird with butterfly like

wings it's an herbivorous creature that pollinates the jungles of Verlux. They are often found in swarms and exhibit a wide variety of spectacular colors.

The Verluxian Jungles is the primary habitat for Swilt. They can be also be found in the lower part of Idario.
Acinonyx Gazella Alfazal A verluxian plains animal. This carnivorous animal is one of the fastest land animals in Amaranthia. This animal can regularly reach speeds above 100 mph when chasing it's prey. These rather nervous animals are solitary and generally the only exception is mothers with babies. The marked difference between males and females is that females lack horns. These animals are found primarily on the plains in the southern part of Verlux.

Trivia Edit

- Smallest of the kingdom's only 3 large cities with a population of roughly 20 million people.