Biology Edit

Zyrx are a very common Amaranthian species of humanoid people that possess animalistic traits manifesting mostly in the form of ears and a tail. Zyrx biology tends to favor mammals over other types of animals, but there are known Zyrx of other types of animals.

There were originally 7 sub species of Zyrx but they have expanded over time. Zyrx are considered the final product of intelligent design from the ancient beings that brought sentient life to Amaranthia. Zyrx are the result of the meshing of various animal species, humans, and elven magic to create what the ancients considered to be the perfect race. Many of the other sentient species in Amaranthia are considered to be precursors to the Zyrx.

All Zyrx have a direct connection to the after life planes. However the more the Zyrx possesses magical prowess the less animalistic and the closer to legitimate Caemon they will appear. The original line of royalty in each nation were all powerful Zyrx adorned with wings that signified which afterlife plane they belonged to based on the color of the pair of wings they possess. Black for Dosheroth and white for Aevanstan.

Sub-Species Edit

Zyrx initially had 7 sub-species but since the time of the ancients many more sub-species have developed. The majority of the Zyrx population still remains to be the initial 7 sub-species first introduced.

Feline Zyrx- The species of magically inclined cat Zyrx originate from Cindrellia populating the plains and jungles of the continent and developing the majority of the culture.

Dragon Zyrx - The majority of the worlds Dragons were initially transformed into a sub-species of Zyrx. They primarily populate the land of Aishonia. Using large wings to fly in between the floating isles. Dragon Zyrx are considered to be very powerful.

Bear Zyrx - One of the two Idarian main Zyrx population. Idario was originally two different countries, an ancient war brought the two countries together into one when the Bear population over took the rulling Deer family. The ruling family in Idario is still a large family of Bear Zyrx.

Deer Zyrx - The other main population of Zyrx in Idario, though the population has been greatly reduced from there former glory since being engulfed into Idario they still remain a large portion of the population in Idario.

Wolf Zyrx - The main species of magically inclined Canidae Zyrx are the primary population for the snowy mountainous region of Salovia. They're responsible for the majority of Salovia's on land culture.

Reptilian Zyrx - The primary Zyrx population of Schiatten. One of the few main populations that isn't a mammal. They favor the large array of landscapes that Schiatten has to offer.

Rabbit Zyrx - The primary Zyrx population of Verlux. While Zyrx are a prevalent population throughout the world, in Verlux Elves take the role of most populous. Zyrx still remain at the head of the state however.

Lifespan & Maturation Edit

Zyrx have been recorded to have some of the longest life spans in all of Amaranthia, however it is entirely dependent on the magical prowess of the individual in question.

Given that Zyrx is such a common species in Amaranthia with a wide range of magical capabilities there life spans are widely varied. It can be relatively difficult to pin down the actual length of time an average Zyrx will live, but it has been recorded to be around 1000 years. Zyrx with high levels of magical prowess, such as rulers have been known to be conditionally immortal living until killed by outside sources such as murder and illness.

Society Edit

Zyrx's society is Amaranthian society. The majority of the way that Amaranthia has been built up over the course of its history hinges on the Zyrx population. Once created Zyrx conquered Amaranthia taking control of the majority of the lands.

Every facet of Amaranthian culture and society has been effected by the creation and conquest of the Zyrx. They are a common people that can be anything from royalty, nobility to every day citizens. The culture of the Zyrx isn't one specific thing it's something that varies wildly from country to county. The countries have developed the way they are because of the Zyrx in charge one would say.

Architecture Edit

Due to the fact that Zyrx are the primary founder of culture in Amaranthia, the majority of Architecture in Amaranthia was developed by them.

History Edit

Zyrx are a proud people that have risen above most other races in Amaranthia. They were designed for the very task of being powerful. They were created by a handful of ancient beings millions of years before the common time in Amaranthia.

The race when they first came into existence proved to be conquerors, intelligent, driven and with a mission to build sufficient society. It was the learned that the most powerful magics would transcend into god hood, and the ruling families with the strongest elemental magics were established. After millions of years of warring, societies being developed and demolished the six countries that make up Amaranthia today were founded, all with long lasting lineage of ancient Zyrx rulers.