Biology Edit

Zyrx are a very common Amaranthian species of humanoid people that possess animalistic traits manifesting mostly in the form of ears and a tail. Zyrx biology tends to favor mammals over other types of animals, but there are known zyrx of multiple other types of animals.

All Zyrx have a direct link to either of the afterlife planes and exhibit which connection they have with a pair of wings. Bat style wings = Dosheroth, Bird style wings = Aevantstan. The evolution of Zyrx is largely muddled with beings from the afterlife planes of Dosheroth and Aevantstan giving birth to living beings on the mortal plans. People suspect that this is why Zyrx have such large abilities to retain


Multiple Priola sub-species exist, however they are largely denoted by their means of respiration.

Amby-Priola, Which develop Lungs while retaining their gills and develop larger water bladders and shorter tails to extend their time on land making them less subject to dehydration.

Iro-Priola, which never develop lungs and have a distinct iridescent striped skin not found in Amby-Priola. Prone to jealousy at their Amby-Priola cousins.

Lifespan & Maturation Edit

Priola of all subspecies average 100 years, with physical maturation occurring early at around 12 and the production of eggs beginning at 20 years of age. Egg production beings to drop at 60.

Reproduction Edit

All subspecies or Priola reproduce through the process of Gynogenesis(Developing eggs inside the female being activated by the presence of sperm, regardless of compatability, and discarding the genetic material) After 8 months 1-5 eggs are layed in a protected, submerged environment which hatch 2 months later. Larval Priola breathe primarily by means of gills, which are usually external and feathery in appearance. Priola can partner with any humanoid species due to their muddled evolution.

Diet Edit

Priola began as Carnivores but evolved a Omnivorous diet through necessity. They still however highly enjoy Meat, and love insects especially Maggots. However vegetarian Priola have been recorded.

Society Edit

Priola society has several distinct roles separate from other species. Notably the presence of the Caretaker role, wherein an individual(or several) is tasked with the safeguarding and care of several egg clutches whilst the mother continues her normal routine. This is of course optional and once hatched the young Priola are raised communally with other young, overseen by most of the colony's adults, but are still familiar and close with their genetic parent.

Priola society also denotes Adulthood beginning 2 years after physical maturity (about 14) and such begins to expect them to begin their journey towards self-sufficiency at that time.